PhysioNeeds Equestrian

Biomechanical Assessment And Treatment


PhysioNeeds Equestrian

Biomechanical Assessment And Treatment

Biomechanical Assessment And Treatment By Experienced Chartered Physiotherapists With A Personal Interest In Equestrianism.

  • Ride With Balance
  • Individual Exercise Programme
  • Dressage Will Improve
  • Examine Your Posture Control
  • Relieve Tension In Yourself And Your Horse
  • Stabilise Your Core

Are you or your horse crooked?

Having a problem riding a straight line?

Bringing on a youngster?

Do you feel any tightness or aching before, during or after riding?

PhysioNeeds Equestrian

A personalised exercise programme to improve your posture and help you to ride with balance.

Call us on 01949 21354. Your call will be treated in confidence and we might even be able to fit you in today.

PhysioNeeds Equestrian

We can help!

Horses can cause rider problems and vice versa, so affecting the harmony and ease of movement. We will help you increase awareness of your body biomechanics and the effect it has on the rider/horse relationship.

Abigail Tomlinson is one of our Senior Physiotherapists who specialises in treating Equestrian riders. She is a horse rider herself so understands the sport and all the physical impacts of riding and caring for horses. She has competed in Dressage up to Medium level and is now eventing at 2* and Intermediate level on her horse Hugo

What do we do?

We take a full history from you and then assess your functional biomechanics. It may be necessary to realign you using joint manipulation / mobilisation, soft tissue massage, stretches etc.

We then give you an individual exercise programme to maintain correct alignment focussing on strengthening weak core muscles, stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles. Postural problems are addressed and muscle imbalances corrected in order to promote stability, flexibility and core strength.

Our aims

By reducing your pain/discomfort we encourage relaxation, balance and ease of movement. This will help you correct your horses imbalances in comfort. Your improved core stability will help you use your seat better to produce a more flowing movement adding a softness and improved cadence to his paces by reducing tightness so increasing muscle tone.

The classic scales of training for the horse are born in mind when we advise the rider : these are Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, Collection. These are the building blocks for the horse, they need good foundations to progress just as the rider does – that foundation is core stability.

For Further Details Contact:

Abigail Tomlinson
Physioneeds East Bridgford. Tel: 01949 21354

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Dear PhysioNeeds East Bridgford patients

We hope you are all keeping safe and you and your families are managing okay in these very unprecedented times.

Our clinic is open for Face to Face treatment! We assure you that we have put enhanced measures in place to ensure the protection of both you the patient, our staff and the wider public. A full risk assessment of the working environment has been undertaken. We are following Public Health England COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidelines.

We are asking patients to wear a face mask at all times when inside the clinic.

Please see our PDF attached outlining our SCREENING-CLEANING-PROTECTING protocols

COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONS: When booking a Face to Face appointment you will be asked to confirm that you or any member of your household IS NOT presenting, or HAS NOT presented with the following symptoms in the last 14 days:

If you answer YES to any of the above then you will not be able to be seen Face-to-Face but we can still discuss and treat your injury via Telephone/Video Consultations. We can also offer Telephone/Video Consultations for those patients who are still shielding.

We have also been posting lots of videos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel (PhysioNeeds) so do check those out to try and stay as active as possible. We have also been putting top tips on our Facebook page to help with prevention/management of injuries. If you have any questions, please do contact the clinic.

Stay safe everyone!

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